Wednesday, 12th August 2015

This zucchini salad with sheeps cheese, roasted almond flakes, lemon zest and mint is my discovery of the summer! I like zucchini a lot, but you have to prepare it properly. Roasting zucchini can make things worse. For this salad the zucchini are raw and peeled in long stripes. All ingredients convey a great freshness! The salad is just perfect for hot days and grilling!

I took the recipe again from Harry Easwoods book A Salad for All Seasons*, which offers so many wonderful filling salad creations! Still a straight recommendation from me!

I recommend to use a mild sheeps cheese for the salad, not a salty feta! Mild manouri or fresh goats cheese is also be a delicious option.

I made this salad three times in two weeks, so I finally have to share the recipe!

Zucchini Salad with Sheeps Cheese, Almonds and Mint

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  1. Mhhh der Salat hört sich klasse an und sieht auch so aus! 🙂

  2. Juliane says:

    Genau mein Fall – kommt sofort auf die Nachkochliste! Am Samstag habe ich auf Verdacht gelbe Zucchini auf dem Markt mitgenommen und gestern haben mir meine Schwiegereltern noch grüne Zucchini aus dem Garten mitgegeben, Schafskäse und Mandeln habe ich sowieso im Haus… perfekt!

    Liebe Grüße!

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