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Erdbeertörtchen mit Joghurt-Limetten-Mousse


I’m back from Flanders! Bruges is such a beautiful city. You can just stay there for a couple of days, because there is so much to see and the beauty of the town is just overwhelming. Another pleasure was a shop there, called Dille & Kamille, which was heaven for everything in the kitchen. And it was cheap! If you’re ever in Belgium or the Netherlands, go there!


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Before the (straw)berry season is over, I want to give you access to a delicious and beautiful recipe. I found that recipe a while ago in a magazine and this year it was the time to make it.

It looks more difficult than it is. All you need is some time to prepare the different elements. Assembling those isn’t tough.

The tartlets are light and fluffy, fruity and have a nice addition, because of the lime. They are just perfect for summer, and even better for a dinner with friends, because they are so good looking. Don’t forget the chilling time for the end result and maybe even some in between for the mousse. I used dessert rings, that were 8 cm in diameter, which were just perfect for that purpose. In the recipe cleaned yogurt pots were used. You can also use other moulds, that fit. The rings were perfect, because you haven’t turn the whole thing upside down and then turn it around again. You just pull of the ring. Easy. 

Erdbeertörtchen mit Joghurt-Limetten-Mousse

Vor einem Jahr: Pfirsich Tartelettes

Erdbeertörtchen mit Joghurt-Limetten-Mousse

Erdbeertörtchen mit Joghurt-Limetten-Mousse


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  1. berry lovely sagt:

    These cakes are really cute and the mousse sounds delicious. Lecker, lecker!

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