Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Update: Für das deutsche Rezept nach unten scrollen!

These days it’s all about making research, testing recipes, baking and cooking. The reason is that some events are coming up. First event will be my blog anniversary next week. There will be a big surprise, where not just baking is involved! The second event will be the Daring Bakers in August. And the most important event will be a wedding in October. It’s not just important, because it’s a family wedding, but also because I’ll be baking the wedding cake!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

Friday bride and groom will be testing the cakes. I’ll be preparing two different cakes with different fillings and I want to try to make another one gluten-free. All that’s a real challenge. But I’m glad, that I finally created some recipes, that appear good to me. So tomorrow is baking and whisking day! I’m really looking forward to the next two days. So wish me luck.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

In between one just needs some cookies. We really longed for some cookies the day before yesterday. But as I never buy some – because I always think I can do it all at home better and cheaper… and with more fun – we didn’t had some. As such craving don’t pass by easily or until the next day, I decided to make some simple chocolate chip cookies. They are simple and easy and I made them a dozen times already. So I can say: they are the best. In my opinion.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

They are crispy on the outside and have a softer core. This time I used dark and milk chocolate. But usually I only use the dark one. And if you don’t have chocolate chips on hand, use normal chocolate bars (you should like the chocolate of course) and chop it into small pieces. You can vary the size of your cookies by forming smaller or bigger dough balls, before baking. Depends on your liking to eat more palm-size cookies or two-bite-size cookies. I lean towards the second choice…

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

So if you have just 30 minutes left (for everything!), try and make them. I’m sure you will be convinced, too. I mean, who can stand this:

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

Vor einem Jahr: Death by Chocolate


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  1. El sagt:

    I'll bet it's hard to believe almost a whole year has gone by. What a great way to celebrate. The cookies look fantastic!

  2. okay there must be a conspiracy afoot — so many chocolate chip cookie blog posts lately! now i'm craving them. craving!



  3. Debbie sagt:

    No no no, *my* CCC recipe makes the best cookies (I translated it into German so that the Germans can have the true experience of CCC, not the stuff they sell at Lidl):

    Are you making an American-style wedding cake with lots of butter icing? For gluten-free you can use finely chopped hazelnuts instead of flour, if no one is allergic to hazelnuts.

  4. Moogie sagt:

    Great recipe. I'm your newest follower.

  5. I love chocolate chip cookies. One of the most frequently baked things in my house.

    What a busy year for you! You may need to bake another batch to keep your energy levels up!!!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    @Debbie: The wedding cake will contain a Swiss buttercream fot the filling, but not as a icing. Would be too much! For the gluten-free cake, I used a mixture of rice, tapioka, potatoe and almond flour and a tsp. xanthan instead of regular flour. Worked out really well!

  7. My fav cookies…Super recipe with super click.

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