Tuesday, 21st April 2015


As I cooked the lemon jelly I thought about what to do with all the zests. It would be a pity to throw them all away.

Of course you can always dry the zest and mix it with salt or sugar. But I know from experience that I will not use that stuff. I also know these are lovely gifts, but I also do not know anybody who is using this really and I don’t what to gift things that are only covered by dust and then thrown away.

But I had a brillian idea as I read the word “candied”! A long time ago I made orangettes, which were awesome. Why not try the same thing with lemon peels? And so I did.

Zitronen und Orangen

I love orangettes, as they remind me of the some childhood sweets called “refreshing sticks”. They were chocolate sticks with a crytallized sugar layer and filled with a refreshing liquid with orange or lemon aroma. They were best served cold. Oh, so good!

Lemonettes auf Tablett

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  1. Nika says:

    Mhhhhh, das sieht gut aus. Deine Orangettes fand ich schon große klasse, aber mit Zitronenschalen schmeckt es sicherlich noch mal so gut.


    • Coconut & Vanilla says:

      Hallo Nika,
      es freut mich total, dass dir meine Orangettes geschmeckt haben :))! Am besten man macht gleich beides zusammen ;).
      Viele liebe Grüße

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