Wednesday, 25th February 2015

Last year I made a batch of barbecue sauce with peaches. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage it with the peaches last summer and so in autumn the barbecue sauce in stock looked very meager.

Then in November I was invited to a whisky event and after that I was able to experiment with the smoky Single Malt Whisky Ardmore. And nothing fit better than to refine my barbecue sauce with that whisky and to get that typical smoky flavour. Also mangoes were in season and so I bought a bunch of ripe aromatic fruits and created this excellent fruity and smoky mango barbecue sauce with whisky!

Ardmore Whisky - Coconut & Vanilla

Honestly I didn’t bother much about whisky until then. I was on vacation in Scotland and visited the famous Glenfiddich Destillery, but after that I rather discovered my passion for good whisky liquor than for whisky.

Together with few other bloggers I was invited by Ketchum Pleon to savour whisky and I had a really good time! We compared Ardmore whisky with Auchentoshan whisky. It was very fascinating to see the huge differences and how good the smokiness of the smoking process can be tasted. I cannot say that malt whiskys are my favourite spirits now, but I can defintely recommend Ardmore as a single malt for novices. My discovery was rather the opposition ;).

Ardmore Whisky - Coconut & Vanilla

There’s more behind a good spirit and it’s not just about drinking, when consuming alcohol. Such a tasting reveals new insights and is very interesting and fascinating. I had a lot of fun and I’m thankful for having the opportunity!

I don’t need to tell most of you what to do with this fantastic bbq sauce, right? But let me tell you, that if you are making a burger and combining the sauce with the caramelized onions and some other awesome ingredients, you’ll be able to make an overly exciting burger! Recipes will follow! But now I’ll give you some time to make these two ingredients for a burger. The burger is put together then in no time!

Rauchige Mango-Whisky-Barbecuesauce von Coconut & Vanilla

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  1. OMG klingt das lecker! Ich bin absoluter Single Malt Fan und die rauchigen sind mir die liebsten! Whiskey Tastings find ich auch echt toll, auch wenn alle immer meinen, dass es ja nur ein Besäufnis sei. Man kann schließlich auch kultiviert Whisky trinken! Deine Sauce muss ich unbedingt ausprobieren! Yummi 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

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