Sunday, 13th March 2016

This brussel sprout purée is a revelation! And before winter is over (hopefully for good!) I show you what you can do with those little beauties!

The purée is unbelievable delicious and doesn’t remind at all at brussel sprouts. So if you normally run away when you see sprouts, give that purée a chance! Could be also a good way to sneak sprouts into a childrens diet. Just don’t tell it’s sprouts ;).

The purée is also so simpel you only need three ingredients and an immersion blender (I say a pot for cooking is given)!

Nonetheless this brussel sprout purée is so elegant I would even serve at a nice dinner, even for Christmas.

Rosekohlpüree mit Parmesan - Brussel Sprout Purée with Parmesan by Coconut & Vanilla

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