Tuesday, 10th March 2015

This pasta with radicchio and bacon is definitely made for the category “quick and easy”. I love it especially, as the radicchio adds a whole new flavour, also I can’t resist pasta and bacon!

Pasta mit Radicchio und Speck

This meal is a favourite of me, but as it is with quick meals, you don’t have time and mind to take a pretty picture. So this time forseeing I scheduled it for lunch ;).

Yep, radicchio tastes a bit bitter, but just a tiny bit here. It is not as bad as in those mixed salads you get here and there, which I do not like at all. It’s a very subtle dish, which will suprise you!

Pasta mit Radicchio und Speck

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  1. Björn says:

    Sieht super aus. Sicher etwas, was ich abends mal perfekt nach dem Laufen nachmachen kann 🙂
    LG, Björn

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