Tuesday, 29th September 2015

To lift myself from my afternoon energy valley I need some snacks, so that I do not rely on cake, sweets and so on. I remembered that in my childhood there where these little energy balls (it was the whole grain era, my mother indulged in!). In my childrens cookbook from my childhood I found this genious recipe, which is made in a pinch and tastes splendid like hazelnuts!

1 or 2 of these balls are enough to rise my energy level again, but are healthy and deliver a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. But be aware that nuts also contains a lot of calories (because a lot of fat), so you shouldn’t eat 30 balls in an instant ;). But I cannot imagine, this will happend, since they make quite full.

Actually I am searching for a recipe from my childhood, but unfortunately my mum doesn’t has the recipe anymore. So I will go on experimenting with energy balls! Those balls are just handy and delicious.

Haselnuss-Energiebällchen  - Hazelnut Energy Balls by Coconut & Vanilla

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