Friday, 11th April 2014

Finally it’s time again for quiche! It’s a potato quiche with wild garlic, to be precise with wild garlic pesto. I’ve already seen and baked this quiche last year, but I blogged not 1,2, but 3 rcipes with wild garlic, then the season was over! And so I blog about it today!

I can always enjoy some quiche, they are so delightful: crispy dough filled with delicious vegetables and topped with some cream. Cheese on top is mostly not a bad idea either ;).

Juliane made this as a roasted potato quiche as a mini version, but I’m more tending to normal version and no roasted potatos. It’s only important, that the potato slices are roasted until they are done, since the baking won’t help with that and a quiche with half raw potatoes isn’t no fun.

Kartoffelquiche mit Bärlauchguss

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  1. Ulrike says:

    Ja, Quiches gehen wirklich immer, so wie Pasta, muss nur noch mein Bärlauch in die Hufe kommen 😉

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