Thursday, 28th August 2014

I’m admiring fava beans in a lot of english food blogs or cookbooks, but I’ve never seen them here in Germany! So last year I gave it a try and grew them on our field to satisfy my curiosity. I liked them very much and found them funny, too! It’s funny, that I discovered them last week in Rothenburg on the farmer’s market at the only vegetables stall there! I bought a lot in an instant and in the evening I cooked this pasta dish. The beans are cuddling in the orecchiette and are a perfect fit! With herbs, lemon, parmesan, olive oil and some garlic it’s a light and quick summer dish.

dicke Bohnen

I’m only hoping you have access to fava beans or a garden which is equipped with fava bean plants ;).

I just introduced this wonderful pasta dish at Yushkas blog recently. Did you already visit her blog?

Orecchiette mit dicken Bohnen und Kräutern

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  1. Barbara says:

    Das frische Grün ist traumhaft, wirkt fast frühlingshaft. Und Pasta geht eh immer.

    Selbst im Garten anbauen ist bei vielem das beste, wenn man die Möglichkeit hat und es dann auch was wird…

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