Tuesday, 26th May 2015

My favourite jam is strawberry jam by far! Already since my grandma made all the jams for our family I liked strawberry best. And the consumption of it is the biggest, since when I make crêpes, there needs to be strawberry jam for topping! No other jam tastes so good with crêpes or pancakes like strawberry jam.

Years later I began to reduce the amount of sugar, so the jam isn’t overly sweet, but tastes more like the fruit itself. And so I created my own recipe for the best and most fruity strawberry jam of all times!

Die fruchtigste Erdbeermarmelade der Welt!

Jam making is summer time for me. As fruits appear on the market I start to think about buying more and spending time to cook jam or jelly. I like jams and jelly best pure and simple, without any additons. But I want to have every flavour at home, which are indigenous. So I have strawberry, raspberry, cherry, black and red currant, apricot, elder, rhubarb and a lot more on my shelves. I try to stock up my pantry every summer, but I don’t need to cook every fruit every summer except strawberry ;).

Strawberry jam is by far the easiest and quickest of all jams, even more if you like it puréed like me. If you prefer it chunky you have to bring some extra time to chop the strawberries in your preferred size.

Die fruchtigste Erdbeermarmelade der Welt!


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