Saturday, 2nd March 2013

This curry is one of my quickest dishes and one of my favourite thai dishes, too! In the summer you can use a lot of fresh vegetables here to make a vegetarian dish, on the other side you can make it using most things from the pantry, the rests from the fridge and some fresh chicken or frozen prawns. I mostly use prawns when I didn’t have thawed any chicken, because normally we don’t make it to the butchers under the week.

This dish is quick, because it’s made in 15 minutes. Cooking the rice takes more time, so it’s wise to do this at first. Our favourite rice is Tilda rice. It isn’t easy to access in Germany, but luckily our little Asian/Indian shop nearby sells it. Meanwhile we buy the big 10 kg sack, which saves money and in within one year it’s used up anyway ;). We got to know this delicious rice in Scotland, by the way and love it ever since. In Great Britain you can (of course) buy more than just the normal basmati rice by Tilda, but much more kinds, especially pre-steamed ones which are really delicious (Germany could take a leaf out of this). For cooking whilst camping they were perfect. And look at the package design! Marvelous! Again, Germany, why is it so difficult for you to design food packages like that? Britain’s got talent in that department! Also they can make scrumptious chips (crisps) in great varieties without artificial flavours or flavour enhancers. Sometimes I don’t know why people don’t take a leaf out of their neighbors book, but only care for their own two square meters.

However, if you have the possibility to try Tilda rice, take a chance, the difference to ordinary basmati rice is like day and night!

And homemade red curry paste would be of course be best in this dish!

red Thai Curry

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  1. Sarah =) says:

    Hmmm, Curry’s sind immer gut und lecker!
    Mit ganz viel frischem und leckerem Gemüse =)

  2. Kulinaria says:

    Das mit dem Reis ist mir auch schon aufgefallen. Sehr schade, dass dem Reis so wenig Bedeutung geschenkt wird. Da können wir uns wirklich noch eine Scheibe von abschneiden. Allerdings bin ich auf meiner Suche auf diese Blog aufmerksam geworden.
    Zwar auch ein Österreicher – aber immerhin gibts viele Infos rund um Reis auf deutsch! 🙂

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