Sunday, 19th February 2012

I’m back from vacation and after 6 weeks I’m totally relaxed, but not ready for the next step to come (writing application). The trip was great, but I’m so glad that I can finally prepare my own food again.

First culinary thing I made after we came home was to bake a bread. Ok first feed the starter overnight, then bake the bread. This is my favourite bread so far. It’s again a recipe from Jeffrey Hamelman’s book Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes, in which I substituted the walnuts with hazelnuts. It’s also good with walnuts, but it’s more special with hazelnuts and I prefer that hearty taste. I also thought about substituting them with other nuts, such as cashews, macadamia, peanuts (ok specifically no nuts), almonds or even pecans. But then I remember the taste of my favourite hazelnut bread, and I add hazelnuts again, but the day will come for the other nuts!

Hazelnut Bread

The bread always works, yes it is the bread that worked for me the first time I made it from the book, which was as I began to bake sourdough bread (but I’m still a beginner).

The bread tastes great with everything, but my favourites are just butter, with a piece of cheese,too or sweet with jam. A lovely combination is a slice of that bread with (best) quince or elderflower jelly and a piece of cheese. I need to provide you the recipe for the elderflower jelly this spring, when I need to make a new batch, it’s divine.

You will love this bread after first bite, and it will slip in your standard repertoire just by saying “bread”.

Hazelnut Bread

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Hazelnut Bread


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  1. Lemon says:

    Frisches Nussbrot, wie lecker, ich würd' mir noch eine Scheibe guten Käse drauf legen und den Abend gemütlich ausklingen lassen.

  2. Jana says:

    Ich bin das erste Mal auf deinem Blog… und ich liebe es, mich durch deine Berichte und die Kommentare zu lesen. Ja, das Topfbrot ist derzeit hoch-gelobt, aber ich habe mich auch noch nicht versucht… aber frisches Brot ist doch immer eine lohnenswerte Herausforderung! Liebe Grüße, Jana

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