Thursday, 17th February 2011

Some time ago I already introduced you to an apple tart. Which is very good indeed.

This is another apple tart, but the dough is folded like a galette and you can bake it freestyle without a baking pan, so I called it an apple galette. So no mix-ups possible. Also it’s a totally different kind of a “tart”.

Apple Galette

 I adapted the recipe from one of my all time favourite sites Smitten Kitchen. There it’s called the “simplest apple tart”, but I wouldn’t emphasize that, cause really my favourite apple pie is the simplest. But that’s another story. So this galette is a bit of work, but easy. And it rewards you with a thin and flaky, buttery, tender crust and apples, which are soft, but yet firm. And it looks like the perfect food. It’s a “wow-dish”. I would have tried it and bring it along somewhere, but after a blink or two it’s gone.

Apple Galette

 So this is my new favourite apple tart/galette. Following my favourite apple pie, which is a melt in the mouth, too. Really I love baked or fried apple dishes. As long as the apples aren’t to firm, because I really do not like apples.

Yeah, you’ve read right. I never ever eat an apple. I didn’t even liked them a kid. It’s not the taste, because as you see I like it in cakes, pies, tarts and yes apple fritters, as well as apple compote (but without bits) and of course apple juice. I’m only not befriend with the consistency of apples. And how it sounds when you bite into them. That gives me a chill. And if you now think this aversion is impossible and freaky, listen… I’ve already met one person, which has the same aversion as me. Apple juice yes and other product without fruit bits yes, raw apples no!

Apple Galette

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Apple Galette


Apple Galette


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  1. Colores says:

    OH OHHHHHHHH das ist super saftig lecker! Deine Rezepte sind traumhaft! Ich erwarte immer deine Posts!! Sehr sehr schön! Deine Bilder auch bezaubernd!! LG colores

  2. Anonymous says:

    ……..dem OH OHHHHHHHH kann ich mich nur anschliessen!!!

    besitos y und gran abrazo

  3. Delicius!…. and very good photos. Congratulations!

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