Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

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About a month ago I promised some tartelettes. Actually apricot tartelettes. But as the case may be, they looked good, but the apricots just tasted like nothing. Additionally something was missing. Some cream, which would flatter your palate. Maybe vanilla? So an idea was born.

Peach Tartelettes

1. Pâte sucrée: which I also used for the failed apricot tartelettes, but which is very good. I adapted it from Michel Roux. It’s a bit sticky, but so you only have to press the dough in your molds. No rolling out! If you are making this dough, you have to use butter! Don’t use shortening (Koch-,Back- oder Streichfett)! Trust me, I’ve tried. Also stick to the chilling time. It’s both worth for handling and taste!

Peach Tartelettes

2. Crème pâtissiére: A very fine and also light cream filling for the tartelettes, which has just a slight sweetness and good taste of vanilla. I recommend to use vanilla extract. I also made it with vanilla pods, but I prefer the taste of the vanilla extract. If you don’t know, where to get some vanilla extract, without going to expense, just make your own. I just did it myself and it’s super easy.

Peach Tartelettes

3. Peaches! There is nothing much to say here, just use some that are already ripe and of course have a good taste! Not just like my apricots…


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