Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

First tomato jam sounds strange, doesn’t it? I thought so, too. But then I had a large bunch of tomatoes, which needed to be processed and I thought why not try it? I’m open for experiments and when you make some research tomato jam isn’t the fancied thing in some countries, but an old hat. The jam tastes great with cheese! A really divine combination. And in winter you bring […]

Recently Snøfrisk approached me and asked, if I would like to create a recipe with fresh goats cheese (Indeed, this is an advertisment!). Of course, i wanted! I’m (fresh) goats cheese addicted! You might already noticed that, because I blogged goats cheese ice cream with strawberry swirls, pizza bianca with swiss chard and goats cheese, pasta with asparagus and fresh goats cheese, potato terrine with goats cheese, basil and pine […]

Finally you can see spring! And we do not only notice because of the better weather, but because there’s rhubarb and wild garlic on the farmer’s market. I’ve already spotted some German asparagus, but it’s still really pricey, so I will wait. But we bought the wild garlic and rhubarb, of course. I have already a lot of rhubarb recipes on my blog (here, here, here, here and here), but […]

It feels like a decade ago, when I pinned this recipe to our fridge, to cook it. The salad á la Nice needs a lot of fresh produce. But last weekend, thanks to our field, we had green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, anchovies, tuna and potatoes at home. You would think, that there are too many things combined here to taste good. But we were surprised how tasty […]

I will now present you the best recipe of the summer, what am I saying, the year! I’m a really tomato ketchup lover! The stuff of my childhood still belongs to bratwurst and fish sticks for me! And the stuff of my childhood is bought from a global brand ever since, which is named like a relative of mine. You know I make a lot of things myself, but I […]

 I promised to blog this recipe this week, yet, as the picture itself evoked already excitement on Facebook. But it was awesome! The recipe is from Jamie Oliver. Of course I altered the recipe here and there. I served the bread as a side dish for the first barbecue this season. And actually it was quite the best food that evening ;). The bread dough is delicious, although I didn’t […]

Summer ending and autumn beginning. That is what tomatoes and apples are standing for, right now. That is how I feel. I’m yearning for the warm summer air and long nights, but I also like when it rains all day and the sky is cloudy. It’s a good excuse to cozy up and eat meals, that warm from inside. And it’s a good excuse to drink glühwein, yet. Yeah, I […]

  As we are all drooling over some easy light and cold! snack, I made some bruschetta today. You only have to take yourself 10 minutes and a toaster! I made mine classic. But if you have some goats cheese or mozzarella hanging ‘round in your fridge, feel free to add some. Sounds nice to me. I love goats cheese, but do you think I have ever some at home…? […]

Since I’m really a bit out of time… with EVERYTHING, I hardly find the time to blog. Actually I want to write about icecream, but I haven’t seen through the photos yet and some are still on the camera waiting to be downloaded. Actually I have to learn. Don’t say something! Foodmicrobiology… Right. Slightly unmotivated, but interested. That’s what I am at the moment. Difficult mixture. But if you could […]