Sunday, 8th November 2015

Regularly I long for cake, but we don’t consume much cake in a 2-person household. Also a freshly baked cake tastes much better, then one that gets stale after days on the counter. So I longed for cake and had some eggnog left, so I decided to give cakes in jars finally a try!

Now I cannot imagine anything more convenient!

Instead of using a large baking pan you use several small jars, that are closed with lids right after baking. Due to the cooling vacuum emerges and the cakes are lasting for a few months. Like this I always have fresh cake to take to work and the cake desire is soothed.

Slowly, but steadily Christmas emerges and these cake in jars would be a great culinary gift! Of course, you can bake every other dry cake in these jars. Chocolate or lemon for example! But eggnog is always so wonderfully moist!

The size of the jars can be adjusted individually just how you prefer it. I chose Weck jars, because of their looks and also some smaller 250 ml jars. Both are super handy, the Weck jars for 2 persons, the 250 ml jars for 1 person.
The only important thing is, that you use so called “Sturzglas”, these are jars with white cylindrical mouths, because otherwise you cannot release the cake from the jars. Moreover it is important to filll the jars only half way with batter, otherwise the cake rises that much, that you cannot close them with the lid.

Eierlikörkuchen im Weck-Glas - Eggnog Cake in Weck Jars by Coconut & Vanilla

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