Tuesday, 7th July 2015

It’s again time for one of my favourite vegetables: fava beans! Last year I already introduced you to fava beans with a quick pasta dish, today I have a wonderful tart with feta and the favas!

Unfortunately I don’t have a garden anymore and so I cannot grow the beans myself, but luckily there’s a farmer on the market who sells this rarety. I do not use dried beans here!

Fava beans make more work than others beans, because you need to shuck them first, cook them and then shell them again. But the creamy buttery taste is totally worth it!

In this tart they are a perfect pair with the salty creamy feta. A light and delicious summer dish!

Dicke Bohnen und Feta Tarte

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  1. Ulrike says:

    Hach, noch eine Dicke-Bohnen-Liebhaberin 😉 Ich liebe sie auch, nicht, dass ich das je erwähnt hätte.

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