Saturday, 20th July 2013

Small refreshment, anyone? With these temperatures you sure will!

This white currant sorbet is just the right thing for that! I got beautiful white currants at the farmers market and I used them to make this easy peasy sorbet. If you can’t get any white currants, red ones are fine, too, of course. There’s no difference in taste.

After the weather has been so cold and rainy before July, I’m now very glad the temperature have risen perfectly for my “ice cream month” :).

White Currant Sorbet

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  1. Barbara says:

    Weiße Johannisbeeren haben wir zum Glück im Garten, aber so wenig, dass es kein Sorbet reichen würde. Sie schmecken total fein.

    Als Sorbet kann ich sie mir wirklich gut vorstellen. Schönes Rezept!

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