Montag, 11. Juli 2011

Update: Für das deutsche Rezept nach unten scrollen!

Today I’m finally fighting against my writer’s block. I didn’t stop to photograph, or beware! cooking and baking. But when it came to blogging my head was blank.


 On the other side I had so many things floating around my head, because just recently I began to work on my diploma thesis. Which is a totally new territory to me.

I would say „so we see what happens next“, but I already know what will happen next… vacation! Yes, finally I’ll have some days off! Next week I will be staying in Bruges in Belgium. From there we will make some trips in Flanders, as to Gent, Brussels, Antwerp, Lille…

I’m excited and looking forward to this trip! If you have ever been there, or live there and have some tips for me, I would be pleased. Let me know!


There happened so much that I can tell you, that fighting down the blockade was really easy! But a blog post is nothing without food. So I recommend you this light and fresh summer tart.

Enjoy some blueberries, as long as you can. This tart is just perfect. Because it can be best eaten cooled. And with it’s tangy flavour of the lemon and the sour cream it’s great in the heat. If you have some other flour in your pantry, than the common wheat flour, mix something up and try it in that crust. Spelt, whole wheat or something gluten-free like quinoa or teff, will make a nutty crust, that pairs well with the filling.

Vor einem Jahr: Meloneneis



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  1. Ruth sagt:

    This looks like a great dessert – and I really like that final photo!

  2. miri leigh sagt:

    Perfect dish for company…so pretty! Thanks for posting.

  3. Maren sagt:

    Sieht sehr lecker aus. Ich habe gerade die Tarte in den Ofen geschoben. Freue mich jetzt schon aufs anschneiden. Werde das Rezept auf meinem Blog bloggen. 😉 Aber natürlich werde ich einen Link zu deiner Seite hinzufügen. Ich finde deine Seite wirklich sehr liebreizend! <3 Danke für das Rezept!:) Liebe Grüße Maren

  4. Friederike sagt:

    Habe gerade die Tarte nachgebacken. Ich musste etwas mehr Mehl nehmen (vermutlich wegen sehr großem Ei), aber ansonsten hat alles gut geklappt. Schöner süß-sauer-Kontrast, sehr frisch, seeehr lecker!

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