Monday, 9th July 2012

I don’t like coffee. I don’t drink any coffee. But there is one exception: Iced coffee. That powdered stuff from a can. But I like it and everyone has to have a guilty pleasure in a convenience product. Iced coffee is mine. Probably I like it so much, because it doesn’t has much in common with real coffee.

Iced Coffee Ice Cream

Recently a ice cream maker with compressor  moved in. Finally! After the attachment for the Kitchenaid nearly drove me nuts, because the ice cream didn’t wanted to become ice cream. In any case. So far we are happy with our new machine and I wouldn’t give it back.

Iced Coffee Ice Cream

With the ice cream maker we also purchased a new book on ice creams, of course: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer (which is now available in German). A promising title. Already by flipping through the book in the book store, my mouth watered. The varieties were extraordinary, but sounded delicious and doable. Jeni uses no eggs in her ice creams, but a dollop of cream cheese and glucose syrup instead. The glucose syrup provides a creamy ice cream and makes sure the sugar doesn’t crystallize. For what reason she uses the cream cheese questions me, since she only uses 40 g of that.

The machine moved in, the book too and so a ice cream had to be made! I was in the mood for iced coffee und ice cream, so iced coffee ice cream was born! And in Jeni’s book there is a recipe for coffee ice cream. But the recipe suggests only to infuse the cream with some coffee beans, which were removed later and not to add any freshly brewed coffee. I associated it immediately with iced coffee. After the first spoon of the freshly churned ice cream, I was convinced of it’s exceptional iced coffee taste. So I gave it another name.

Iced Coffee Ice Cream

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 Iced Coffee Ice Cream

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  1. Das erweckt gerade ein heftiges Verlangen nach einer Kugel dieses Eiskaffeeeises! Ich glaube, ich geh gleich mal gucken, was da sonst noch für Rezepte im Buch sind, ich seh es ja schon auf meine Wunschliste wandern 😉

  2. Sandy says:

    Das Buch von Jeni ist für mich zur Eis-Bibel geworden. Hatte es im letzten Jahr aus LA mitgebracht und schon unzählige Sorten probiert.
    So ein Eis ist doch genau richtig dieser Tage…:-)

  3. Hallo! Deinen Blog finde ich echt toll und ich schaue immer wieder gerne hier vorbei.
    Darum habe ich Dir einen Award verliehen! Schau doch mal hier:
    Herzallerliebste Grüße

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