Tuesday, 18th October 2011

Tart Flambée

Tarte flambée is on everyone’s lips these days. I see it everywhere and everyone longs for it. As I baked mine, the reactions were: ” Oh, I want this, too. Now.” And there’s nothing to be said against it, because it’s more than simple.

Probably my tarte flambée shouldn’t be called tarte flambée anymore, because I topped it additionally with cheese. That’s more than uncommon. And has nothing to do with the tradition of tarte flambée. But what’s to say against cheese? Usually food gets even better, when cheese is added (desserts excluded). It’s the same as with cream. Or a schnitzel. And for that, I made tarte flambée classic with cheese. The people from Rock the Kitchen were much more creative than me. But theirs will be made next! My pumpkin-cooking-list is long. My pumpkin-baking-list is even longer. Pumpkin desserts in many many variations. Swoon.

Tart Flambée

There is just one thing, that is important to me about tarte flambée. It has to be thin and crispy with a thin topping. It reminds me of the Middle Age Christmas market in Esslingen. They sell something better there than tarte flambée (although they also sell tarte flambée): flat breads fresh from the oven with delicious toppings.

Let’s start the action!

Tart Flambée

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  1. Colores says:

    Flammkuchen erinnert mich immer an Weihnachten und Adventszeit, hier in Wiesbaden gibt´s auf der Weihnachtsmarkt ein Stand der backt das immer soooooooooo lecker!!!
    DAnke fürs Rezept, ich werde es probieren!!!!

  2. zorra says:

    Mit Berkäse klingt lecker. Leider mag Y. keinen Käse. 🙁 Wobei ich könnte ja zwei Fladen machen.

  3. @zorra: Die meistens Rezepte sagen meistens sowieso man soll 2 Flammkuchen machen. Wenn man es schafft den zu verputzen, warum also nicht? Und dann kannst du bequem einen ohne und einen mit Käse machen. Und du kannst beim anderen noch mitnaschen ;).

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