You might already noticed that I love cocktails! But there is no need to go in a bar for that purpose. You can easily end a day at home with a homemade cocktail without any magic involved. But with time and experience and curiosity you need more ingredients. Creme de cacao is one of those ingredients, which aren’t easy to come by and than it’s an obscure mixture of alcohol, […]

Don’t you hunger for cookies every now and then? But then baking them immediately is another thing. I have the solution for this problem: this giant cookie is stirred together in a pinch! And don’t tell me you never longed for a huge cookie? This skillet cookie is more like a cookie cake. It tastes like a chocolate chip cookie, but is more mellow in general, but crispy on the […]

Last year in October I was at Neue Heimat in Berlin. There was a small street food market with live music. It was really beautiful and they had some interesting food to sample. Main dishes were quite boring, but the snacks and the cocktails were exciting! They had a stall with cocktails made with tea, which were awesome and a stall with raw food, which had amazing raw chocolate brownies! […]

As I cooked the lemon jelly I thought about what to do with all the zests. It would be a pity to throw them all away. Of course you can always dry the zest and mix it with salt or sugar. But I know from experience that I will not use that stuff. I also know these are lovely gifts, but I also do not know anybody who is using […]

Slowly it looks like spring is coming, actually! I removed the fake fur from my coat and that means ice cream is in season again! Not that you can’t eat ice cream also in winter, but I just can’t, when it is that cold outside. I start ice cream season with creamy velvety chocolate ice pops coated with a crunchy chocolate layer and garnished with roasted hazelnuts! They taste that […]

Lately I’m totally into sweets. Homemade sweets of course! Incidentally in London at Waterstones I bought this great book and since then I’m always thinking what I can make next from this book. First I made this peanut butter cups. Not because I was so eager to taste them (I’ve never had them before), but helloooo! Peanuts and chocolate are just awesome! But also this recipe was an easy and […]

Autumn is here and therefore it’s time again to cuddle up, drink warm tea and cook with pumpkins, apples, pears and quinces! In summer I avoid chocolate because of the heat, but now it’s time again to make delicious stuff with chocolate. So I recommend you a blanket, a good book, a warm cup of tea and a slice of this scrumptious creamy chocolate tart. I discovered this recipe in […]

Normally I don’t like that full chocolate cookies. But this recipe just intrigued me and since then I made these double chocolate chip cookies a lot! So it’s really time that I share them with you! These cookies are just right: crisp from the outside, slightly soft inside. They are full of chocolate, but they are not on the heavy side, although they are doubled in chocolate with cocoa powder […]

I love love love this ice cream with peanutbutter and crunchy chocolate chips! And I love the book from which the recipe is, which is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer. I already recommended you this book last year and now at the peak of ice cream season I’m recommending it again strongly! For a more detailed review of the book hop over to the Kuriositätenladen, […]

We hadn’t sweet dishes here for a while now, not to mention cookies. That has to change immediately! We are going straight to cookie season, that’s a fact (and I will give you some recipes then, indeed), but this is a recipe, which you can make throughout the year. These cookies aren’t just cookies, these are the luxury version of the famous chocolate chip cookies! The idea is from Joy […]

I think blackberries are my favourite fruit this summer, after raspberries or rather strawberries?! Um, difficult decision. In any case it’s the right decision to buy as much as possible of these summer fruits and to make this remarkable pie with blackberries. The nice thing about blackberries is, that they keep very firm while baking, not like their sister strawberry and they do not mould as easy as their sister […]

I made this for my exchange partner Jasmin from Elbmadame for the current issue of “Post aus meiner Küche” ( “Mail from my kitchen”) with the theme Very Berry! Jasmin already blogged about my parcel here! She really liked it and that makes me very very happy. Very Berry is a great theme, but also difficult to put into practice, if you want to send it by mail. Berries are […]