If you are lucky you might get some late blackberries and peaches for this delicious gluten-free crumble. Unfortunately I didn’t managed it to blog earlier, but as it fits with the gluten-free theme at the moment and as the combination of peaches and blackberries is that good (I wasn’t convinced at all before) I had to blog it nonetheless. I found the recipe in the gluten-free girls aka Shauna James […]

This pizza is THE summer dish for me! Maybe it sounds weird to put fruit on pizza (pineapple’s not counting), this combination of nectarines, mozzarella, reduced balsamico and fresh basil and mint is oh so delicious and pairs up perfectly! For all of you pizza lovers – as we are, too – it’s a must! So go ahead, buy the last nectarines of the season (peaches would work too, but […]

When our farmer has the world-best peaches, I purchase a lot. They only have them once or twice during the summer. I admit, I preorder them, so I’m sure to get some, as we are not those early birds on the market. 2 kilograms are waiting in our fridge from the last weekend, from which I will make jam today. I made different things from the first batch, but the […]

We took a week off. Spontaneously. The last months were full of work for both of us. And there is no end in sight. As we decided to skip a real vacation this year, it’s hard to relax. We spend our money on the new apartment and new bikes. Next year we want to make a huge journey. Across the pond. We are afraid already :). So last week we […]

About a month ago I promised some tartelettes. Actually apricot tartelettes. But as the case may be, they looked good, but the apricots just tasted like nothing. Additionally something was missing. Some cream, which would flatter your palate. Maybe vanilla? So an idea was born. 1. Pâte sucrée: which I also used for the failed apricot tartelettes, but which is very good. I adapted it from Michel Roux. It’s a […]