Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Update: Für das deutsche Rezept nach unten scrollen!

Have I already told you about my autumn mood? Ok, ok I see… But the result amongst others is this delicious fabulous looking apple tart, which I adapted (another time) from Michel Roux great book Pastry (Ofenfrisch).

I love this book! It’s worth every cent and it’s not even expensive. Every type of pastry is described with recipes, sweet or savoury, he has it all.


But back to the tart! Or what really is important…I bought a new kitchen machine! I always dreamed of a kitchen aid. And I’m still dreaming. Unfortunately I can not afford it as a student. But often I am upset about the hand mixer. Too less power, no hand free, because of helding the hand mixer, the yeast dough draws itself up the dough hooks (and nearly into the machine)… did I say I am upset? Sometimes I’m boiling with rage about this mixer. So last week surfing Amazon and bang! there was it! A kitchen machine, which got many many very good ratings AND cost a tenth than a kitchen aid. I didn’t hesitate long and ordered it.

But it came even better! I ordered it friday in the afternoon. I already thought „should have done it the day before, maybe then I would get it on Saturday and I can give it a try at the weekend“.

BUT Saturday afternoon – it was around five – Hermes was ringing the door and gave me my kitchen machine! And he was sorry, that he didn’t find the house in the morning to give it to me! I was just stunned… and very happy, because I just started to bake the apple tart. So the apple tart short crust was the first „experiment“ and it worked out very well.

The kitchen aid has to wait another two years until I’m earning my own (and enough) money to buy it. But until, I have a good solution for my baking feasts. If you have similar problems like me, I can heartly recommend you the Bosch MUM4405.

Bosch MUM 4405

But now REALLY back to the appletart. As I just mentioned it is a short crust filled with a delicious apple-vanilla-compote, which is pureed and topped with thin sliced apples arranged overlapped in a circle. The recipe calles for a 24 cm (springform) pan and 300g dough. Just having a 26 (and 28) cm pan I made the full recipe of 450g dough and used the 26 cm one . But it would also be enough for a 28.
Roux makes a glaze for the apple topping. But mine turned out into caramel, because the 5 minutes he provides were too long. I tried to give the caramel onto the apples, but after one night it vanished into the tart 🙂 . I mention the glaze in the recipe below, if you want to try. But mine tasted very good without (or with absorbed caramel).




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