Tuesday, 1st July 2014

Today I’m presenting a true classic on the blog: an italian lasagne with minced beef!  Lasagne is real soulfood, but you need some time for the preparation. Today I’m showing you my version of a lasagne with minced beef and béchamel sauce.

Basically it is possible to make a lasagne from everything, so you can also make a lot of vegetarian versions and get creative about that! But every now and then I come back to this classic one. How do like your lasagne best?

If you have some time and want to find your inner zen 😉 I recommend you to make the lasagne sheets yourself. That will make truly the perfect lasagne! I only made that once, but these sheets are the fastest kind of pasta to make, if that helps you for motivation ;). The lasagne is even better with homemade sheets and the best is the sheets can be made so they fit perfectly in the pan. That’s a huge plus here! You can also use the dough of these ravioli for the lasagne sheets.

By the way, the minced beef sauce is already a great bolognese sauce for pasta! So if you are afraid of the labour for the lasagne, just make the sauce and some pasta and enjoy!

Lasagne with minced beef

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  1. Dass ich mal ein nicht-vegetarisches Rezept kommentiere, ist auch eher (eigentlich ziemlich bis gar nie) selten. Aber ich möchte dir unbedingt ein Kompliment für das schlichte, schöne Foto machen. Selten so ein ansprechendes Lasagnebild gesehen! 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Ramona

  2. Marco says:

    Also ich mache meine Lasagne fast genau so 🙂 Nur auf den Speck und das Lorbeerblatt bin ich bisher noch nicht gekommen. Beim nächsten mal werde ich deine Variante also mal ausprobieren 🙂 Vielen Dank für die Inspiration!

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