Tuesday, 4th February 2014

Another step in the basic series today: vegetable broth! After I already showed you to cook game stock and beef stock, we are making vegetable broth today, which I use the most. I have now 5 kinds of stock in my pantry. The latest addition is duck stock, because I had some duck carcases leftover and they needed to be used up ;). I’m curious how it will taste. Are you interested in that kind of stock?

 In contrary to duck stock the vegetable broth is used very often and it’s so convenient to have a jar or bottle handy. As always I bought suitable 250 ml jars and 500 ml bottles at Gläser und Flaschen, because that are the amounts I use mostly. Leftovers can be stored for a few days in the fridge. 

I’m always freezing leftovers of different vegetables and put them all in the next batch of stock. I’m always doing that with asparagus and mushroom ends. Like always this recipe is not a definite, you can vary after your needs.


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