Wednesday, 11th February 2015

After making my own wheat flour tortillas I wanted to make corn tortillas, of course. After a bit of research it turned out more difficult than expected, because you nead a special flour, called masa harina. Masa harina is a special treated corn flour which is nixtamalizated. Nix-ta-what?

Nixtamalization is a traditonal Mexican process, which is already used since 1500 BC and improves the baking properties, inhances the flavour of the corn flour and makes it easier to digest. Therefore the corn kernels are cooked in a lye for hours so the hemicellulose, which keeps the cell walls together, loosens up. The husks detaches from the kernels and the core softens. A part of the corn oil transforms into emulsifing compounds and the corn proteins can easier link. Because of this a dough can be formed of nixtamalized masa harina and water in contrary to untreated corn flour.

The lime used for the nixtamalization provides calcium, which is bound in the corn and therefore increases the concentration of calcium a lot. Also the vitamin B niacin is released so it can be absorbed of the human digestive tract. (source: Wikipedia, Rezepte-Wiki)

Selbstgemachte Maistortillas aus der Tortillapresse

Masa harina is mostly imported from Mexico and as there isn’t a lot of interest in this issue, it’s mostly GMO corn. My Mexican collague confirmed me that in Mexico almost no one is caring about this issue. Randomly I discovered GMO-free Masa Harina in Berlin at Goldhahn & Sampson. It was quite expensive and as I studied the label more intense I discovered it’s from a store in Würzburg! After some googling I discovered the Mexican store in Würzburg, which also sells this GMO-free Masa Harina for a reasonable price (also online!). I would always make sure it is GMO-free!

Then you need a tortilla press, so your tortillas are evenly thin and round without the dough falling apart in crumbles. Luckily my Mexican collague was so kind to borrow me it. I didn’t wanted to buy one, as I didn’t know, if I really would like corn tortillas! But tortilla presses aren’t expensive at all and you’ll find them in the same Mexican stores next to the Masa Harina.

In the end it was a good decision not to buy a press, because I prefer wheat flour tortillas, because of the texture, taste and flavour. Lucky me they are also easier to handle! But if you are already a fan of corn tortillas or like to give them a try, I can definetely recommend this recipe!

By the way, you can also cut the corn tortillas into triangles and fry them! Homemade tortilla chips! And if you form them and bake them you get those typical taco cups!

I like to evacuate 4 tortillas together and freeze them (maybe place a piece of parchment paper between them to prevent sticking). Like this I always have a portion for 2 persons ready and some in stock. 2 corn tortillas are enough per person as they make very full, more than wheat flour tortillas, although they are smaller.

Selbstgemachte Maistortillas aus der Tortillapresse

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  1. Ela says:

    Spannend, danke dir! Ich mag Maistortillas lieber als Weizentortillas. Aber so eine Presse hab ich mir trotzdem nicht zugelegt, bisher hat es sich einfach nicht gelohnt noch ein Gerät in der Küche herumstehen zu haben.

  2. Das ist echt interessant – betrachte ich mich doch schon als Weizen- und Dinkeltortillaprofi. Aber als ich kürzlich einfach das Dinkelmehl durch Maismehl ersetzt habe, ging es sowas von schief, es war wirklich ein kleines Desaster. Jetzt weiß ich endlich warum!

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Annette Rieger says:

    Hab vielen Dank für das Teilen Deiner aufschlussreichen Recherche- so konnte ich mir viel Zeit sparen!



  4. Samuel Rath says:

    Wer keine Tortillapresse hat, kann mit einem einfachen Trick Tortillas pressen: Plastikfolie auf die Küchenarbeitsplatte legen, Teigkugel auflegen, zweite Folie darüber. Dann mithilfe eines stabilen Schneidbretts und etwas Körpereinsatz ☺ flachdrücken. Wird schön rund und gleichmässig dünn wie aus der Presse.

    • Coconut & Vanilla says:

      Puh, da braucht man aber viel Körpereinsatz ;).
      Die Weizentortillas lassen sich zum Glück viel leichter ausrollen, daher sind das meine Tortillas der Wahl. Deine Idee ist sicher eine gute Möglichkeit für alle die keine Presse haben!
      Viele Grüße

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