Thursday, 15th January 2015

Some time ago I told you that I love to have breakfast. Just, I don’t have time for that. I want to sleep instead. At least in the week. So mostly I eat a yogurt at work and that’s it. That’s ok, but not the best. And because I’m a bit fastidious demanding about yogurt (don’t buy the big brands, no fruit pieces, no softened granola, no artifical flavours, so mostly organic) I don’t have a lot to choose anymore, as I don’t want to eat the same sort of yogurt every day.

Granola isn’t working for me either, because I have jaw problems. Sometimes also back or head and sometimes neck. Sandwiches remind me of school and I don’t need that anymore. 13 years of school sandwiches, no thanks! As I feel the cold I prefer a warm breakfast. Indeed a lot of breakfasts can be perfectly served warm and are easy and quick to prepare. Like semolina porridge!

A delicious relict of my childhood, which I like to make all over again. Semolina only needs milk and 5 minutes (or another fluid, hard-nosed people may just use water). Add some fruit. No fresh fruit for me. Yes, I also eat fresh fruit very rarely!

I prefer it cooked, with pleasure also still warm. Also warms from the inside! Preserved fruit is so great and handy! You can eat cherries in winter and quinces in the spring! Preserved in a delicious spiced syrup it also sweetenes the porridge. The perfect quick and warming breakfast!

PS: You can also cook this for children for lunch! Without fruit even I ate it as a child ;)!

Grießbrei mit Chaitee-Quitten

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  1. Ela says:

    Hach, der sieht sowas von lecker aus! Ich hätte jetzt gern eine große Portion davon 🙂 Chai-Gewürz ist einfach herrlich, dazu der cremige Griesbrei und die fruchtigen Quitten.. Tolles Rezept!

  2. Hey, ich finde die Quitten Variation besonders toll, danke für das Rezept. Aber woher hast du die schöne Schale?
    Liebe Grüße

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