Friday, 22nd August 2014

As you might noticed before I like cocktails. In my opinion this years trend is bourbon and gin and for me the cocktail of the year is the julep! A julep isn’t a just a julep. It should be something extraordinary, too, so I created this pineapple julep with mint sugar! So delicious!

I think pineapple is just the perfect juice for cocktails and mint is such a great herb, which is growing like weed on my balcony. Only the bourbon was unfamiliar for me. But I always wanted to try it, I already like the word itself ;).

Do you know the julep, anyway? A julep is like a mojito, but with bourbon instead of rum ;). Mint, sugar, bourbon and ice, maybe some soda. But that’s a bit boring for me. The zing is missing. And so I created this freshed up version with pineapple juice and mint sugar.

 So if the summer isn’t coming to us, I’ll bring the summer to you!

Pineapple Julep with Mint Sugar

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