Friday, 21st June 2013

On schedule for summer time and handy for the heat I made you a cocktail. As you might recognize there might be some similarities with the old hugo due to its name. The similarity is elder. But that’s already it, since the grand hugo needs elderberry syrup (elderberry juice is ok as well).

Some time ago I got a sample package with different elder drinks. I was really impressed with the elderberry syrup and juice. You don’t find stuff like that every day and it’s quite difficult to find in grocery stores as well. Making the stuff from scratch is more work intensive than making elderflower syrup and you also would have to wait for some months, so not everybody’s choice (mine neither).

This cocktail containing orange, lemon juice, elderberry syrup (or juice), grand marnier and bubbling champagne is just the right drink for summer! I found the recipe in the brochure that came with the elderberry syrup from Holunder Schütte which was delicious. Although I wouldn’t buy any elderflower syrup, but make it from scratch, since the bought ones are too sweet and too expensive.

If you don’t want to buy over the internet, look for Alnavit juices in whole food markets or dm or the brand Voelkel, both brands provide elderberry juice (the juices by Voelkel are all very good, by the way).

Grand Hugo

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