Sunday, 10th February 2013

red Thai-Curry Paste

We cook Thai from time to time, since Thai dishes are really easy, quick and fresh. One of my favourites is the red curry. A red curry is mostly a red curry, because it contains red curry paste. The other ingredients mostly differ and you can vary a lot. Therefore you can make a dish out of ingredients from the fridge, pantry and the freezer and in no time you have a wonderful meal on the table.

I’ve always bought the curry paste, since it doesn’t contain any preservatives, just normal ingredients, it wasn’t a problem. Also a jar lasts a very long time. But every now and then I stumbled upon a recipe for curry pastes from scratch.

For Christmas I finally made an attempt and then gave the paste away, packed in little jars from Gläser und Flaschen, my favourite shop when it comes to glass jars and bottles. They have an amazing range, nice service and everything is perfectly packed every time their parcels arrive at my door!

I didn’t managed to make the paste as fine as the bought one, which is because I don’t own a food processor, just a small attachment for my immersion blender. And it just hasn’t enough power to do the job. You could also use a mortar, but I don’t have neither strength nor the patience to do that.

But the flavour is quite original and can compete with the bought red curry paste. So if you like to make such an experiment and you do have a Asian supermarket on hand, I recommend you the following recipe. I had a lot of fun with the process and I will make other curry pastes for sure!

As you will work with a lot of hot chilies, wear disposable gloves at all times! I also wore glasses (originally used in the lab 😉 ). And don’t touch your nose, eyes, mouth etc! Also don’t place your face over the food processor, whilst opening it, the chili fumes are very aggressive!

red Thai-Curry Paste

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red Thai-Curry Paste


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  1. Sarah =) says:

    Hmmm, Currypaste will ich auch schon lange mal selber machen.
    Bisher ist es immer an den Kaffirlimetten gescheitert. Ich muss definitiv die Augen offen halten! =D Bzw. mal einen Asialaden unsicher machen!

    Die Bilder sind übrigens ganz, ganz toll und sehen mehr als lecker aus!

    Gekaufte Currypaste wurde mir bisher auch noch nie schlecht! =)

    Viele Grüße, Sarah =)

  2. Mir ist tatsächlich mal ein Eimerchen Pänang Curry-Paste über den Jordan gegangen: Die Paste hatte angefangen, zu schimmeln. Aber vielleicht habe ich einfach den Deckel nicht ordentlich zugemacht…

  3. Sylvia says:

    Bis jetzt war ich mir immer etwas zu faul, Currypaste selbst herzustellen. Ich kaufe im Asia-Shop immer diese Portionsbeutel, dann auch immer in den unterschiedlichsten Geschmacksrichtungen – ich kann mich immer nur ganz schwer entscheiden 😉 Aber vielleicht probiere ich es auch mal aus!

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