Thursday, 9th August 2012

kohlrabi with lemon and mint

Kohlrabi is not quite my favourite vegetable. It just taste tastes too much like cabbage to me, but has quite a fantastic texture. Quite difficult. As a child I loved to snack it raw and I can’t remember that cabbagy taste. Really strange!

After the original plants on our field were eaten by flea beetles, we planted new ones nonetheless. I confess, it was all about the colour! But I can’t pass vegetables in uncommon colours.

kohlrabi with lemon and mint

We benefit now by harvesting the kohlrabi very young. So, we don’t have those large pieces at home, the kohlrabi is much more delicate and the taste of cabbage shall (!) be less fragrant.

The tenderness was convincing, the other point, well let’s do not talk about it anymore. My mother gave me a recipe, which she already cooked in former times and which combines the kohlrabi with lemon and mint. I can’t remember eating it at home, but the combination got me immediately. The aroma of the lemon and mint slightly covers the cabbagy taste and goes perfectly with the freshness of young kohlrabi.

An easy, fast vegetarian dish, which served with polenta is also a great whole meal.

kohlrabi with lemon and mint

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  1. Schokozwerg says:

    Das Auge isst ja immer mit, und wenn es dann eine so schöne Farbe erblickt, ist es um es geschehen. Diese Kombination könnte auch mir den Kohlrabi wieder näher bringen, ist also notiert 🙂 Viele Grüße!

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