Monday, 30th July 2012

 We harvested well enough beetroots from our vegetable patch, yet. We love beetroot, but as it happens with a lot of vegetables that are abundant, you don’t know where to put them or what to make out of them anymore.

Luckily I stumbled upon Petra’s blog entry. Beetroot gnocchi! As a huge fan of gnocchi I surely had to make them. Truly it was a bit of an effort to make them. But if you roast the beetroots one day (or several) before, the effort isn’t that much anymore. It takes most of the time to shape the gnocchi. But for me that’s the crucial  part of making gnocchi, since gnocchi have to look like gnocchi. For the purpose of shaping these small babies I use a Gnocchi Board.

Beetroot Gnocchi

In honour of Arthur’s Tochter third blog birthday I created a small video (with the help of the handyman boyfriend) about how to make (or to be more precise how to shape) beetroot gnocchi.

Happy blogging, Astrid! Keep it up! I wish you a lot of  great posts for your anniversary and more posts to come!

Geschenke für 3 Jahre Arthurs Tochter kocht

How to make Beetroot Gnocchi from Coconut & Vanilla on Vimeo. Once again back to the red gnocchi, which are way easier to make than their potato siblings. The gnocchi are lighter in texture, because they are mainly made of ricotta cheese, the beetroot taste shimmers slightly through.  You need a larger portion than with potato gnocchi to be full. I served them with green beans in a twofold brown nut butter with almonds slivers, which perfectly fit together. But I also imagine, that gorgonzola sauce pairs great here, too. Of course you don’t have to make gnocchi to enjoy these scrumptious beans, they pair perfectly with other dishes, too.

Beetroot Gnocchi

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Beetroot Gnocchi


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  1. bushcook says:

    Die sind aber schön geworden, gefallen mir sehr gut. Das ist toll, wenn Du so wunderbare Rote Bete direkt aus der Erde ziehen kannst. Aus den Blätter läßt sich auch noch ein wunderbarer Salat zaubern. Da beneide ich Dich richtig darum.

  2. wow, was für farben farben! sowohl die gnocchi als auch die bohnen in nussbutter hören sich köstlich an. und die kombination erst!

  3. Sandy says:

    Ich bin ein bekennender Rote-Beete-Fan und die Gnocchi-Variante steht bei mir auch öfter auf dem Plan. Dein Video ist dir wirklich gut gelungen, sehr schön!
    Grüße, Sandy

  4. Wahnsinn! Toll liebe Lena! Diese Farben!

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