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Market Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt Market Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt
Market - Gärtnerei Geist Market - Gärtnerei Geist


Recently there were some discussions in the German bloggersphere about where to buy food. Where to get the best, local, in season food. Astrid from Arthurs Tochter created a site on her blog, where she’s collecting all the tips from bloggers in Germany. I love that idea, since I’m also constantly looking for the best places to shop my food. I prefer it local. If it’s flour, vegetables or meat. Fish is really challenging. At least I make sure the fish is marked with the MSC sign (if it’s not from an aqua culture or fresh water, but from the sea).

So I was quite intrigued to take part of this idea. It took a few weeks, because I also wanted to show you our beautiful market here. Finally!

We live in the the eastern part of Stuttgart and don’t own a car, so our radius where we shop is limited.

Market - Gärtnerei Albeck



Hegnacher Mühle, 71334 Waiblingen – Hegnach: The grain comes from farms 20 km around the mill. It can also be bought in stores in the region

Adler Mühle Balingen, Eichstetterstr. 3, 79353 Bahlingen am Kaiserstuhl: up to 30 kg, you can also purchase the flour online, which is great for bread bakers without car



Ölmühle Ditzingen, Johannes-Fuchs-Strasse 5, 71254 Ditzingen: is also distributed in various shops in the region. Offers sunflower, canola, walnut, almond, peanut, sesame, olive oil and a lot of other special oils. They offer some oils in organic quality.


Spices & Dried Herbs:

Wurzelsepp, Hauptmarkt 1, 90403 Nürnberg: I buy all my spices and dried herbs there. The quality is amazing, as well as the variety. It never happened to me, that I searched for something and they couldn’t help me. Also they are super friendly there. My favourite food shop. They also have different open teas (they always have a pot with fresh tea for trying – lovely) and beauty products from L’Occitane and other brands.



Metzgerei Bienzle, Vaihinger Markt 7, 70563 Stuttgart (they have a second dependence in Stuttgart-Möhringen): very good meat and sausages (wurst), the sausages don’t contain flavour enhancer, gluten, lactose

Hoflieferant Munz, Stuttgarter Str. 23, 70469 Stuttgart-Feuerbach: An organic butcher in Feuerbach with sensational meat. The poultry is from a Bioland farm, the pork and the beef are from the Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch-Hall. The best beef we’ve ever tasted, was from here! Of course all this comes at a price. The Sausages weren’t to my taste.


Market - Gärtnerei Albeck Market - Gärtnerei Albeck


Market - Gärtnerei Geist

Market Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt:

Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs:

Gärtnerei Geist (they also have a range of flowers): our favourite stand, with almost only local produce and a lot from their own farms

Gärtnerei Albeck: they only sell their own produce, which is all organic. They have the best tomatoes! And a lot of uncommon things like zucchini flowers, mini peppers, purple spring onions, almonds etc. (don’t mix it up with the Demeter stand, that sells everything, regardless of the season!)


Ulrich Steinle: The market stand with almost just flowers (and a small range of vegetables) has the most beautiful flowers and bouquets for small money.


Market - Käse Widmann Market - Käse Widmann
Favorite cheese salesperson Mister Widmann



Käse Widmann: It’s the best place in Stuttgart to buy cheese! The owner Mr. Widmann also sells at the stand in Bad Cannstatt. It’s always a pleasure! They have a lot of stands in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg and even Hessen, as well as a shop in Waiblingen, look it up on their homepage!

Eggs & Poultry: Eier Bleyer: A stand selling different poultry, rabbit, sometimes lamb (should have also game, but I’ve never seen it, yet) and also different eggs. There we buy organic eggs, that are Naturland certified from the Bromberghofin Sachsenheim-Ochsenbach.


Markt - Gärtnerei Geist Markt - Gärtnerei Geist




Artischocken Blumen



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  1. Lemon says:

    Erst mal, ich bin ganz begeistert noch einen anderen englisch-deutschen Blog zu entdecken (mein Blog ist auch in beiden Sprachen). Die Fotos sind wunderschön, bekommt man richtig Lust, gleich los zu bummeln und Köstlichkeiten zu shoppen. Ein Tipp noch für den Raum Stuttgart: Bei Feinkost-Käse-Lindner in Stuttgart-Feuerbach gibt's ebenfalls eine fantastisch gute Käse-Auswahl.

  2. Tom says:

    Hey, super Sache, da werde ich als Stuttgarter auch mal den ein oder anderen Laden aufsuchen, danke dafür 🙂

    Gruß Tom

  3. Lena says:

    @Lemon: Leider kommen wir sehr sehr selten nach Feuerbach, außer wenn wir es uns ganz fest vornehmen ;). Das war dieses Jahr einmal. Ist für uns halt doch ein extra Ausflug. Dort gibt es auch einen ganz tollen Bio-Metzger, den ich leider vergessen habe hier aufzuführen. Muss ich noch nachholen, denn dort habe ich das fantastischste Fleisch gekauft!

    @Tom: Schön, wenn ich dir etwas Neues ans Herz legen konnte.

  4. peasepudding says:

    I was in Frankfurt in June and vsited what used to be my local market on the Berger Str and was amazed atbthe produce, I had forgotten how good it was. I really miss the German produce markets

  5. Jana says:

    Hello, this is really a great blog with interesting articles and phantastic pictures. I enjoyed reading a lot and I love the links to other helpful sites (found a funny milk-vending-machine on one!).
    I am not much a cooking person, but your recipes may even convince me to try more on my own.
    Back in Germany beginning of November, and then back at the cheese stand *smile*
    For now Greetings from Brazil and wish you a good time – Jana from the Widmann cheese stand

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