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Today I have a classic for you! Beetroot Salad, in this case with yellow beetroot – which changes nothing in the flavour – made Franconian style. In Germany you can buy preserved beetroot salad, which tastes quite similar. I love this salad since childhood, but homemade is always best. The salad tastes fresher and you can adapt the firmness of the beets to your likes. This is still my favourite […]

 We harvested well enough beetroots from our vegetable patch, yet. We love beetroot, but as it happens with a lot of vegetables that are abundant, you don’t know where to put them or what to make out of them anymore. Luckily I stumbled upon Petra’s blog entry. Beetroot gnocchi! As a huge fan of gnocchi I surely had to make them. Truly it was a bit of an effort to […]

This is my perfect comfort food! I love every detail  in this dish: the lentils, the cabanossi (feel free to omit these for a vegetarian version, it’s still great then) and roasted beetroots, which is the best way to make them. Refined with a decent portion of red wine, pureed tomatoes, carrot and celeriac, oregano, smoked paprika (a great ingredients, because it gives dishes an extraordinary taste) and chilli. Beluga […]