Friday, 13th September 2013

This salad (page 206 La Tartine Gourmande) was on my to-cook list for a long time, but it was clear I had to be lucky to have all the ingredients at home at one time. Normally mesclun salad, melon, cherry tomatoes and prosciutto together are not in our fridge.

But finally I had all things at home, although I replaced the rasperries with blackberries. As I used yellow cherry tomatoes raspberries would have been a nice addition of red colour, but hey can’t have everything, right!

The salad is very good, although I wouldn’t need the melon here. But I’m not a fan of melon at all (excluding watermelon), so I’m not the measure of all things.

Mesclun salad with blackberries, cantaloupe and prosciutto

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