Thursday, 13th December 2012

These days our market stall has game abundantly. I love that about this season! I can try new things again and again, because there are so many different kinds of game and so many different pieces. We also buy game ahead, because soon the season for game is over. But game is always so delicious, so we evacuate and freeze it.

I also prefer game, because it’s lean, but nonetheless very tasty.

So recently we bought, cooked and ate wild boar for the first time. We made a boneless leg accompanied with a rose hip sauce. It might sound extraordinary, but it is not so much. You just put some rose hip jam in the sauce, which you can easily buy in Germany, for example from Maintal or you can make it yourself as I did once. It also taste scrumptious for breakfast. So it’s not an investment to have regrets about ;).

Neither the one for the wild boar, because it’s so delicate. We are no fans of pork anymore, because it has some strange taste to us. No idea why. Although I want to try the pork from the butcher at the market, since they have a special breed. The wild boar has a pleasant vigorous flavour, without tasting like game, if you know what I mean. And the roast was incredibly tender! Luckily we have one more in the freezer!

By all means, this dish is a candidate for your Christmas meal!

Boneless Leg of Wild Boar with Rose Hip Sauce

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