Monday, 24th October 2011

Apple, Brown Butter & Vanilla Madeleines

 Madeleines are a delicate thing. I love them and they are super easy to bake. Also they are delicious. But mostly only on the day they are baked, maybe the day after. After that they are dry, hard, just not delicious anymore. But my baked goods should last for a few days. That are just my expectations. I’m not baking things for only one day (except guests are expected).

I already was enthusiastic about many madeleine recipes. But that was gone soon. Until I tried these sweet little gems. They are perfectly delicious! They combine the taste of the apples with the vanilla and the brown butter. AND they are lasting several days in a cookie jar. Whilst that, they are keeping moist and aromatic. I found my recipe!

Apple, Brown Butter & Vanilla Madeleines

It will be different finding a recipe, without fruit, although. But this won’t be necessary in autumn, since there still can be used pears, quinces and even some pumpkin puree.

I found this recipe on the wonderful blog from Aran – Cannelle et Vanille. I just changed the recipe into one with gluten. So if you are suffering under celiac disease, this blog should be one of your favourite sources for recipes. Besides it is just a beautiful blog.

Apple, Brown Butter & Vanilla Madeleines

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Apple, Brown Butter & Vanilla Madeleines

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  1. Lemon says:

    Bin auch Fan von den Madeleine-Varianten. Die hier sieht super lecker aus.

  2. Aus meinem Kochtopf says:

    Madeleines esse ich normalerweise nur in Spanien.
    Und da zum Frühstück 😉
    Aber Deine Fotos haben mir jetzt echt den mund wässrig gemacht

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