Monday, 12th July 2010

There’s nothing much to say or to do these days. One word is enough. HOT! About 37°C every day, since two weeks. I do not complain, as we didn’t had any real spring this year, nor often really hot summers. And summers are short and I don’t like winter. I really prefer summer. Every bite of it. So I’m not complaining. But to boost my study work, I beg for some rain, so the apartment can again cool down a bit.

Melon Ice Cream

The heat also makes me sad a little bit… I am not able to use the stove, or even the oven. It’s just not possible. I’m looking for refreshments all day, be it for dessert or lunch or dinner, where the oven/stove can be kept off or at least used at its minimum. Feel free to share any good recipes. I’m looking forward to that!

Melon Ice Cream

I offer you a really delicious refreshment: Melon Ice Cream. I don’t know, if it works without an ice cream maker. But take it as a sign and buy yourself one (at least, if you’re an ice cream lover, as we are). It’s easy and you will never return to bought one. It’s just better! You can make whatever ice cream you like… I mean who wouldn’t want to have chocolate-coated peanut-bites in his ice cream? Ok ok… at least me. So after my anthem on ice cream makers, I won’t disturb you any longer and give you the recipe.

Melon Ice Cream


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  1. gretchen says:

    sounds really refreshing and delicious. another heat wave is headed my way at the end of this week. perfect excuse to eat ice cream for lunch! thanks for the recipe.

  2. Shannalee says:

    Oh, this seems the very epitome of REFRESHING. So classicly summer!

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