Friday, 11th June 2010

Raspberry-Chocolate Ice Cream

Finally we also have hot hot hot summer weather. To enjoy and celebrate this duly it’s time for some Gelato.

Some weeks ago I bought David Lebovitz‘ book The Perfect Scoop, which was a perfect purchase. Even if you are not in making some ice cream it is just a pleasure to read it.

Raspberry-Chocolate Ice Cream

But back to the ice cream. We decided to try the raspberry-chocolate one first, because I LOVE the combination. David uses cocoa powder, but next time I will try it with some melted milk chocolate, which I prefer. But it is already very good with cocoa powder. Unfortunately it didn’t freeze in the ice cream maker. Don’t know why?! So I just popped it in a container in the freezer and oh wonder! it’s good anyway! That’s a good gelato! So I think, it will work properly even without the machine. But if you are using one, be sure the mixture is really cold before you put it in the machine, maybe then you have a chance and it freezes in there.

Oh, and I really recommend you to use some good-quality ice cream cones with it! It’s worth it! But I’m one of those people, who could just eat the cone! I love ice cream cones… yum!

Raspberry-Chocolate Ice Cream


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  1. Ina says:

    I love Davids ice cream creations too – and don't own an ice cream machine (yet). Maybe I should try one without it … My favourite is the salted butter caramel ice cream …

  2. Lauren says:

    Chocolate and raspberry are such a delicious flavor combination… especially in ice cream!

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