This time Ina and I baked the cumin and parsley-flavored cheese gougéres (p. 138). They were fast and easily made, since they are made of paté choux. Béa uses than a pastry bag to pipe the dough on the baking sheets. Since I was really lazy, I just used two tablespoons. I can’t imagined you would notice ;). They tasted good, although I didn’t taste any parsley. Which is ok, […]

This time Ina and I picked two dishes. A Tartine with tarragon-flavoured slow-roasted cherry tomatoes and prosciutto (p 87) and coriander-flavoured carrot and zucchini tartlets (p 114). Everything for these dishes is right in season, so they should have the perfect flavour now. If you think a tartine is an easy and fast meal you are mostly right, but this one needs about 1 hour to roast the tomatoes. But, […]

Ina chose those muffins from page 54 from La Tartine Gourmande. I was glad that I can use up some zucchini. The muffins are moist and taste ok. Ok, since they are lacking of salt. Just a pinch isn’t enough for those muffins. Unfortunately the cheese doesn’t shine here, it doesn’t taste at all. I would take another cheese, like Parmesan next time. The ham is perfect in here. But […]

As it’s strawberry season I chose the rice pudding with strawberries stewed in lemongrass and lime from page 230. You can read here about Ina’s cooking experience. I was a bit sceptical, since first I never used fresh lemongrass and second lemongrass and ginger in rice pudding? I didn’t know, if I would like that. But indeed I liked that! I loved it! Loved it a lot even! It’s one […]

Ina picked this dish from page 180 this time. I was curious, since I wanted to make Shepherd’s Pie forever and that’s just the French brother. Béa did some changes to this dish, mainly she uses chicken instead of beef. Unfortunately I didn’t liked the dish so much. What bothered me most was the texture. Why has the chicken to be puréed (medium fine), before it’s layered under the puréed […]

Finally we come to the sweet recipes in the book. There are a lot, and all of them are gluten free. According to the season Ina and I made the apple, rhubarb and strawberry nutty crumble from page 246. I baked it gluten free with the listed ingredients. After all I want to know, if the dishes can be prepared as the book claims and if they are tasty. Besides, […]

This time Ina and I made the Verrines nordique from page 117. I’ve made them already the third time to be honest. It’s one of my favourite recipes out of the book. It’s simple and elegant and delicious. The only thing i omit every time is the fish roe. It certainly matches the dish, but I would have to go extra shopping for it and maybe the rest will be […]

This time Ina and I cooked the arugula risotto with basil and lemon (p. 202). This time I didn’t managed to make the risotto creamy. It was the first time ever and I have no clue why. I didn’t used another rice and the same method as ever. I don’t know, but that doesn’t mean the risotto get’s bad notes. Apart from that the risotto was okay, but I wouldn’t […]

I’m so enthusiastic about the book “La Tartine Gourmande” from Béatrice Peltre of the same-titled blog. Some weeks ago I already infected Ina from Butterfinger with my enthusiasm. As she got the book for her birthday, we decided to cook through the book – although geographically separated. So every 2 weeks, every Friday we résumé about a cooked recipe from the book, and provide some own pictures of it. We […]