Wednesday, 28th May 2014

Today I want to introduce you to Restlos!: Clever kochen mit Resten (Completely: Cooking clever with leftovers) by Hildegard Möller from the Kosmos publishing house! The book is about using leftovers from vegetables, fruit, fish or meat.

I love the idea! People are throwing way too much groceries away, which are still good, just because they don’t know what to do with the leftovers or because they bought too much in the first way. Another reason is an expired best before date.

The best thing to do against the last reason is take a sniff and taste it! This doesn’t kill you! I already used crème fraîche, which was expired over two months. It was perfect!

Buying too much groceries? There’s only one way to do better: buy less ;). Ok, buy more conscious: do I really need this? For what will I need this? Do I use everything of this purchase until the next time I go groceries shopping? If you are unpractised in grocery shopping it definitely helps to make a list beforehand. So you won’t up ending strolling through every aisle and packing in the cart what appeals to you. And then you forget the important stuff. In the end it does not just save food and money, but also your time!

This book shall help against the first problem: what do I do with the leftovers?

The design and layout is beautiful, as the cookbooks by Kosmos always are. But recipes do not improve through design ;). The book is divided in vegetables, pasta, rice, fruit, fish, meat.

I have to admit I seldomely have leftovers. I know how much pasta or rice I have to make for a dish. Mostly I make more of an dish so I take the leftovers to work for lunch. So I could only make some recipes of this book, when I produce leftovers with purpose. But in the end it speaks for me that I don’t produce leftovers. Nonetheless I can use these recipes as “normal” recipes.

There are interesting and delicious recipes in this book, but none of these encouraged me to use up leftovers. Mostly I have to go shopping for them. From time to time I was even fed up, because I needed some special groceries to make a simple dish. In my opinion using up leftovers means, that I don’t have to go shopping first. But when I need to make a soup from a butterhead lettuce I also need lime and a bit of coconut milk. That’s quite inconvenient and it occured to me with some other recipes, too. Why do I have to buy/open 5 other groceries to use up a bit of leftover cheese?

Restlos!: Clever kochen mit Resten by Hildegard Möller

I think it’s quite inspiring for most people to make pesto from different greens like radishes or carrots and making smoothies from vegetables and fruit, but it’s not enough for me. One of my favourite ideas from the book was using leftover greens (like salad or spinach or whatever) to purée it into pancake batter. Simple, but effective! And you always have everything at home for pancakes! An accompanying dip would be the perfect use for leftovers, because you can add everything that has to be used up: quark. cream cheese, yogurt, sour cream, crème fraîche, vegetable leftovers grated, cheese leftovers grated, herbs, and the list goes on.

First I was very enthusiastic about this book, now I don’t know anymore how to handle it. But for a lot of people this book might be a push in the right direction, because sometimes this is enough to think a bit further or laterally.

I give this book a score of 3,5 of 5 points: design and photos are great, the recipes are good, the intention is worthily, but there is still room in the realization.

Kosmos Verlag kindly provided this cookbook for free. 


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  1. Theresa says:

    liebe Lena, vielen Dank für deine gute und ehrliche Rezension! Ich finde den Ansatz des Buches auch sehr gut und spannend, weil mich das Thema Lebensmittelverschwendung auch beschäftigt. Wenn das Buch aber nicht deutlicher über den Tellerrand schaut, werde ich es mir wohl nicht kaufen. Liebe Grüße! Theresa

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