Monday, 3rd June 2013

For a long time I wanted to show how I make my stocks and broths. I don’t buy granulated broths anymore. I make vegetable, chicken, beef and game stock myself. So I avoid all these additives, which I don’t want in my food. The best thing about homemade broths is, that you can make delicious sauces and gravies and dishes taste so much better. The first risotto I used homemade chicken broth was a revelation! 

I preserve the fond in jars. I already tried freezing it, but I didn’t liked it at all. Things that speak against freezing broths: you need a lot of space in the freezer, you need a lot of plastic containers suitable for freezing or plastic bags (waste!) and it takes much more time to defrost the broth than to open a jar.

I use 250 ml jars and 500 ml bottles, which is the amount you need mostly for recipes, so it’s very convenient. Leftovers can easily be stored in the fridge for a while and I use them for one of our next meals. I ordered my jars and bottles from Gläser und Flaschen, because they have just the right sizes and it works perfectly every time.

I don’t use labels for my jars, anymore, since it’s too elaborate for me to print, glue and especially dissolve them again. I bought coloured dot stickers and mark the lids with it: green for vegetable broth, yellow for chicken and black for beef.

Homemade Beef Stock

 I start with beef broth today (although game stock is already present on the blog), because I have shot the pictures for it already ;). Mostly they are already in the pot before I think about taking some pics. And liquid in jars isn’t that illuminating.

Making stock is really easy and after doing so, you are prepared for weeks or even months. Which is such a great feeling!

There isn’t a definite recipe, by the way! You can vary with the ingredients and the cooking time. Don’t be afraid!

Homemade Beef Stock

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  1. Ylva says:

    Ich liebe Rinderbrühe über alles! So sehr, dass ich meist die 2-3 Liter innerhalb von maximal 2 Tagen pur ausgetrunken habe, weil sie mir einfach so gut schmeckt und so herrlich wärmt und glücklich macht!

    Fond muss ich nun auch endlich mal ausprobieren, damit ich von diesen gekauften Gläsern wegkomme. Ganz lieben Dank für das Rezept! Und ach ja: Bei deinem Wildfond-Rezept schau ich auch gleich noch vorbei 😉

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  2. Johanna says:

    Ich habe Fond noch nie selbergemacht. Kannst du mir sagen, warum man die Gläser am Ende noch in Wasser im Ofen erhitzt? Danke!
    PS: Ich mag das klare Layout deines Blogs übrigens sehr!

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