Tuesday, 4th September 2012

I think blackberries are my favourite fruit this summer, after raspberries or rather strawberries?! Um, difficult decision. In any case it’s the right decision to buy as much as possible of these summer fruits and to make this remarkable pie with blackberries.

The nice thing about blackberries is, that they keep very firm while baking, not like their sister strawberry and they do not mould as easy as their sister raspberry.


And if you believe it or not, they perfectly fit with chocolate! This pie totally surprised me about how everything matches so fine: fruit and chocolate, covered in delicious dough. I just do not recommend to make such a high rim like me, because that was a bit too much. But I had to so much dough.

I tried to adapt that in the recipe. But as I used a rectangular spring pan (which is a good idea, since the ratio filling/dough is just right then), you have to see, if you end up with some leftover dough or not, depending on which kind of pan and size you use.


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  1. Anne says:

    Mhhhh, schaut super lecker aus 🙂

  2. Blackberries are my favourite berry and with you lovely crumbly looking pastry this pie would be perfect

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