Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Update: Für das deutsche Rezept nach unten scrollen!
We had this wonderful dish for a simple late lunch last friday. It’s easy and not time-consuming.
Since it was Friday we hadn’t much vegetables at home, anymore. Just one fennel. So I combined it with the idea of a potato gratin. As an accompaniment eggs suited just fine. And lately I began with making poached eggs. I’m not a huge fan off eggs, as  in form of fried, scrambled or boiled. Maybe then I like it best fried. But the poached eggs are really nice. They are such moist. Unfortunately you cannot season them while cooking. So you have to season them on your plate.
Potato-Fennel-Gratin with Poached Eggs
Now, if you are already thinking „oh no, not poached eggs, those are really difficult and I do not have the guts at lunch time to try these“, let me say you, it is not THAT difficult. I thought that, too. Ever. I’ll give you some tricks and advices. With those you are ready for poached eggs at lunch time, or even for breakfast. I mean look at those beautiful eggs, and those were only my third attempt to make poached eggs!
The gratin is the hearty component of this meal. If you don’t want to layer your gratin as nicely as did (I understand. I just had too much time.), just throw it all in your baking dish. It will turn out great, too. I only have one, ok two recommendations to you for the gratin. First season every layer of vegetables (or season everything while tossing it) GENEROUSLY. Really, really, do it. Lots of salt, pepper and nutmeg (or whatever you like). The potatoes adsorb it. And don’t ask whereto… Second use a cheese, that has a lot of flavour, like feta, goats cheese, Emmentaler or something similar (not mozzarella!). Gratin is nothing without a good cheese flavour, and the crispiness of the cheese crust. Also it goes wonderful with the eggs.
So this makes a delicious vegetable meal. Of course you can cheat and make some fried bacon, too. But then don’t forget to drizzle it with some maple syrup!
Potato-Fennel-Gratin with Poached Eggs
Potato-Fennel-Gratin with Poached Eggs


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  1. Colores sagt:

    uhmmm lecker!!! Danke fürs Rezept! LG colores

  2. Indie.Tea sagt:

    Delicious! I just made a leek-potato gratin yesterday…I'll have to try your potato-fennel one next time, it looks delicious.

  3. Miri Leigh sagt:

    I'm definitely going to have to try this one out– thanks for sharing!

  4. Ruth sagt:

    I'm not sooooo keen on eggs either, but can eat them poached. Adding fennel to an ordinary potato gratin sounds like a brilliant idea.

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