Montag, 22. März 2010

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Schokoladen Macarons mit Himbeerfüllung

Since on the 20. March was Macaron Day I decided to show you my latest accomplishment in macarons.

Yes, there exists a special day for macarons! In Paris are special shops, that sell macarons all day long and on macarons day you can get some free! Unfortunately I never had the chance to be there (on macarons day or sometime else). As macarons are not very popular in Germany, ok unknown would be the better word… I mean most people don’t even know what cupcakes are… so you couldn’t say macarons are the new cupcakes ;). Anyway what I wanted to say is, that there won’t be shops in Germany, that sell macarons.

Schokoladen Macarons mit Himbeerfüllung

But most often I think anyway it’s better and more fun to do it myself. I mean look at those little beauties. Just want to grab one immediately and stuff it into my mouth.

And in your mouth you have the rich chocolate flavour and now you think “yeah and in the middle even more boring chocolate”… haha no! In the middle is chocolate (and do use the good one!) with raspberry puree! It’s soo delicious.

Schokoladen Macarons mit Himbeerfüllung

So if you didn’t do it, celebrate macarons day with some lovely macarons. Even more if you have some egg whites sitting in your fridge and you don’t know what do to with them. So you have to make some macarons, because it would be a pity to throw all the egg whites away. And you will feel a lot better, when you use them up and they are not looking at you anymore out of the fridge, making you guilty, because you don’t know what to do with them. Believe me, what a relief to make macarons!

And it is not difficult. Ok my first try wasn’t what I expected. They tasted good, but they didn’t look like macarons. So for some tipps, you can look up my first post with macarons.

Schokoladen Macarons mit Himbeerfüllung

Don’t be worried, if my post is looking some what different, because I’m trying it the first time with Windows Live Writer, instead of that Google crap. Yeah, you read right. It’s just driven me into insanity some times. So maybe that here works better. I’m yet “astonished” by the amount of fonts and options to embed my pictures. You see, after Google I’m very easy to impress.

But don’t want to bore you with that theoretical things.

Schokoladen Macarons mit Himbeerfüllung


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