Monday, 17th August 2009

Update: Für das deutsche Rezept nach unten scrollen!

What is the best way to make my blog attractive to you? Yes! Chocolate! I mean, who can resist chocolate? So last weekend there came some things together:

  1. I acquired a squared-cut springform pan for pretty little money. I wanted it for long. It was cheap. And I was happy.
  2. I had an appetite for chocolate brownies or something similar.
  3. The thought of creating my own food blog was still skipping through my head.

In the end I came to the decision, that I bake a halvened recipe of the best chocolate cake in my new pan and cut them into sweet little Brownies.

Then came the thing with the blog. There must be photos. Good photos. Photos you want to eat or bake after. Unfortunately I’m not that good in photographing than in baking. But with a little bit of help (or even a lot more) from my boyfriend, I got some satisfying photos. But the best is, I got a lot of delicious brownies. The recipe is fast, easy and chocolatish. And if you can call a squared-cut springform pan your own, you can bake just as much as it lasts for one or two persons. Additionally you are able to bake something new soon, because the brownies won’t last long.I found that recipe some years ago in a cooking magazine. Since then I baked it several times. The following recipe is for one baking sheet and I halvened it for my pan.

Death by Chocolate

 Death by Chocolate

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