Dienstag, 29. September 2009

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Last week I’ve seen this wonderful recipe and photos of Tartelette’s Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Mousse and I knew immediately that I have to make it on my own. So last weekend I took the chance and followed her recipe.

It took me to the verge of despair at some points. The caramel wasn’t not so easy for me, as there were some mysterious hard chunks formed, as I added the heavy cream and the butter. So I picked them out, as they didn’t resolved after some stirring. But in the end the caramel mousse was the best of all! More problems came ahead, when making the chocolate mousse. Adding the heavy cream in the end made it an really hard chocolate „mousse“. Cannot really speak about a mousse so. Quite hard to bring it in my glasses then, also because the density was much higher than the density of the other two mousses. I tried three versions of layering: chocolate mousse in the middle, chocolate mousse above, chocolate mousse at the bottom. The first two versions didn’t work, because the chocolate mousse just settled down through the other layers. The third version worked, but unfortunately you couldn’t see much the difference between the vanilla and the caramel layer.

triple mousse

Problem no. 3 was the powdered gelatine. Since I never use that, I only had leaf gelatine. The conversion of powdered into leaf gelatine on the package said that it’s enough to use a half leaf. But the mousse didn’t get firm. So I added the other half. I think one leaf is just right, but I should have waited longer before layering, because after some chilling the texture was just right (excluding the chocolate mousse of course). So I don’t know what (some of) the problems really were. Maybe it had something to do with the temperatures, when I added the ingredients. So next time I will more care about the ingredients having the same temperatures when mixing. And maybe less chocolate would also work for me. In the end it was worth all the drama! It just tasted and still tastes (because I still have some in the fridge) delicious! I especially like the salted caramel mousse. I will definitely give it another try some day. Another option is just cooking the caramel mousse…

triple mousse

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