Sunday, 20th December 2015

You might think that you have easier access to unprocessed groceries, than in the cities. But no. Just no. Because more citizens in a city appreciate regional food, possibly even organic much more. It just doesn’t matter to the people here. They just go to Kaufland and that’s it.

The only thing, which is easy to come by is milk. Raw milk from an organic Bioland farm even. I hadn’t had this possibility in the city. Although my cheese stand sometimes also sold raw milk, it kept fresh for a day maybe.

Here the milk is maximum from yesterdy, because every second day the milk truck collects it. Often the milk is directly from the udder, cooled down and freshly filled in bottles for us!

The milk truck delivers to the Molkerei Schrozberg. If you buy their milk in the supermarket it is a lot more expensive than at the milk farmer. We buy the litre for 80 cent. The milk keeps fresh for at least, but mostly up to 7 days. And we do not even boil the milk beforehand!
When boiled, the milk would last even longer, but it’s too time consuming for us. Only in summer, when it is very hot, we boil the milk before we store it in the fridge. Otherwise the milk is bad after 2 to 3 days.

It is important to use brown glass bottles. We also used transparent ones (because they are smaller and fit better in the fridge), but the milk was already gone bad after 3 to 5 days. The bit of light when you open the fridge is enough to age the milk ahead of time. I knew that light is bad for milk, but I wouldn’t have imagined that the impact is that strong!

We always use the same bottles, which we clean in the dish washer. After some time you might change the lids, because they do not close properly anymore or rust. It’s amazing how much packaging material we already saved like that!

Milch, frisch aus dem Euter - milk, fresh from the utter by Coconut & Vanilla

Unfortunately, we don’t have another opportunity than to go there by car, which we do once a week, when we also run some other errands.

Currently the milk is especially creamy and has 4 % fat in average. This is more than milk from the supermarket has. DE-LIC-IOUS!

If you are living in the neighbourhood stop by and buy some raw milk:

Biolandhof Schilling

Schnepfendorf 3

Schnepfendorf bei 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber


It’s best to visit between 18 and 20 h, because the milk truck was already there then and enough milk is already available again. If you know the days the milk truck comes, visit on the other days to buy milk. If you don’t see anyone at the farm, ring at the house.

Here you can see my milk farmer with his 30 cows :).

By the way, I found the farmer via the Bioland website. The informations are very often wrong, because farmers do not sell what is stated there, anymore or they do not work anymore at all. But at least we found the milk! Demeter has a similar search on its website! On both sites you can search for producer for organic products, which is great! Maybe you also find something suitable for you!


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